Commercial formulations

Veterinary Nutrition Group can assist with a range of pet food projects, from homemade dog treats to sell at the market, to formulation of diets for large-scale production. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Formulation of dog or cat treats, or comments and recommendations on ideas and planned products

  • Formulation of commercial canine and feline diets

    • Canned or kibble, dehydrated or freeze-dried, fresh (raw or cooked)​

    • Adult maintenance or growth

    • Performance or working dog diets

    • Therapeutic diets for different health conditions

  • Formulation of supplements

    • Vitamin and mineral premixes​

    • Therapeutic supplements

We specialise in the formulation of safe, evidence-based supplements or nutraceuticals for dogs and cats. 


Safety is vital; it is essential not to assume that compounds are safe just because they are derived from plants, or because they are well-tolerated by humans or other species.

We also specialise in the use of a range of sustainable ingredients in diets and treats. Some examples:

  • Insect proteins

  • Sustainable fish and seafood species

  • "Nose to tail" diets using offal or game meats

  • Plant-derived  proteins

Contact us

For all enquiries, please complete the form below, or email:


At this time, we are unfortunately unable to respond to any emails from pet owners requesting complementary nutrition advice or assistance, unless you are already a current client.
If you would like to request a consultation for your healthy or sick pet, please review the instructions under the 'Services' tab above. Veterinarians are always welcome to email us with any nutrition- or case-related questions or concerns, and we will respond to these enquiries as soon as possible.

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