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Healthy adult cat recipes

Here you can find a range of complete and balanced recipes suitable for healthy adult cats. All recipes:

  • Are AAFCO-formulated for adult maintenance

  • Are expertly formulated by a veterinary nutritionist

  • Currently suitable for cats around the world (any country with access to supplements via iHerb)

  • Contain a range of nutritious food ingredients that can be purchased from most supermarkets and/or game meat suppliers

  • Some supplements can be purchased locally; some need to be ordered online via iHerb or similar

  • Contain at least 70% water for urinary tract health

  • Have no added water-soluble phosphates (for example, monopotassium phosphate) 

  • Contain the minimum required supplementation to ensure the diet is balanced

  • No "gravy" or "sauce" style supplementation, where half the added vitamins and minerals end up left on the plate 

  • Include the list of ingredients and supplements, preparation instructions to make 1 kilogram batches, shopping list and links to purchase the required supplements, and frequently asked questions

  • FAQ includes information on how to transition to a new diet, common problems and what to do, tips for fussy cats, how to prepare and include supplements, and more

  • Email follow-up/support is not included, however, recipes are simple, clear and easy to follow

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