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Healthy adult dog recipes

Here you can find a range of complete and balanced recipes suitable for healthy adult dogs. All recipes:

  • Are AAFCO-formulated for adult maintenance

  • Are expertly formulated by a veterinary nutritionist

  • Currently suitable for pets in any country where required supplements can be ordered via iHerb (and/or other sites). Please note that, for Australian/NZ clients, supplements must be ordered online and can not be purchased locally

  • Contain a range of nutritious food ingredients that can be purchased from most supermarkets (some proteins may not be available in some countries - please check availability before purchasing

  • Include the list of ingredients and supplements, preparation instructions to make 1 kilogram batches, shopping list and links to purchase the required supplements, and frequently asked questions

  • FAQ includes information on how to transition to a new diet, common problems and what to do, tips for fussy dogs, how to prepare and include supplements, and more 

  • Email follow-up/support is not included, however, recipes are simple, clear and easy to follow


These recipes contain raw weights for proteins. All vegetables, grains and other carbohydrates need to be cooked. Some recipes contain limited ingredients for dogs with an adverse food reaction (food allergy). 

They contain added high quality human supplements to ensure that the recipes are complete and balancedRequired supplements can be purchased from iHerb or ordered from other sites.

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