Why is a personalised home-prepared diet a great choice for your pet?

Everything they need. Nothing they don't.

Providing your pet with optimal nutrition is not just about what we add to the diet - it's also about what we don't add.

Our personalised recipes include nutritious ingredients with precise supplementation, to ensure your pet's diet provides everything they need. They:

  • Contain no preservatives or artificial colours

  • Use only human-grade ingredients

  • Use free-range and sustainable ingredients (as per your preference)

  • Are always freshly-prepared (by you!)

  • Are completely personalised for your pet

Home-preparing can be confusing, time consuming and hard to get right. Additionally, the consequences of a deficient diet can be devastating.
Let us do all the hard work. We will carefully formulate complete and balanced recipes to meet the nutritional needs of your pet.

If your dog or cat has a medical condition, your veterinarian will need to refer your pet for a consultation - please see the 'Sick pets (for veterinarians)' page.

What else do I need to know?

Whilst we do our best to use practical, affordable ingredients, it's important to know that home-preparing your dog or cat's diet is not a budget option. Proteins can be expensive, particularly if you are feeding a large or giant-breed dog, or multiple animals. Additionally, supplementation will be required.


If you are keen to home-prepare but cost is a concern, please let us know. Together we can select economical, yet nutritious ingredients that work for both you and your pet. We can also provide recommendations for ordering ingredients online and bulk buying ingredients.

The cost for two personalised, complete and balanced recipes is:

  • $210 AUD (GST incl.) for a healthy adult dog or cat

  • $275 AUD (GST incl.) for a healthy growing dog or cat

Special requirements (for example, vegan or vegetarian recipes, supplement-free diets etc) will incur an additional cost of $50 AUD per consult. 

To request a consult for your healthy dog or puppy:


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To request a consult for your healthy cat or kitten:


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If you have any questions, email us at: admin@vetnutritiongroup.com

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