Organic Vegetables

Vegan, vegetarian and sustainable diets for healthy dogs

Increasing numbers of pet owners are concerned about the ethical and environmental cost of pet food production - with good reason.

Commercial pet foods are typically manufactured with little consideration for the welfare of the cattle, sheep, chickens or pigs that provide the proteins for these diets. Additionally, the growing trend to feed dogs extremely high protein diets increases the environmental cost of these diets, while providing little or no benefit to most pet dogs.

Veterinary Nutrition Group understands these concerns and is happy to offer the following options to owners of healthy dogs:

  • Personalised vegan or vegetarian recipes for healthy, adult dogs

  • Vegetarian recipes for healthy, growing pups (conditions apply)

  • Moderate protein recipes with a focus on sustainable ingredient selection 

It is important to understand that vegan or vegetarian diets are not suitable for all dogs though; a very good appetite is an important prerequisite. It is also vital that owners understand the importance of following the recipes exactly as provided, as any changes or omissions may cause serious harm. 

If your dog or cat has a medical condition, your veterinarian will need to refer your pet for a consultation - please see the 'Sick pets (for veterinarians)' page.

Iceberg Lettuce

What else do I need to know?

Whilst we do our best to use practical, affordable ingredients, it's important to know that home-preparing your dog or cat's diet is not a budget option - this is especially the case for vegan and vegetarian recipes. Protein sources like tofu, eggs and cottage cheese can be expensive, particularly if you are feeding a large or giant-breed dog, or multiple animals. Additionally, numerous supplements will be required to ensure the diet is complete and balanced.


If you are keen to home-prepare but cost is a concern, please let us know. Together we can select economical, yet nutritious ingredients that work for both you and your pet. We can also provide recommendations for ordering ingredients online and bulk buying ingredients.

The cost for two personalised vegan, vegetarian or sustainable recipes is 350.00 AUD (GST and VAT exempt). This includes three hours of email follow-up support, and one recipe revision, if needed. 

If you would like to request formulation of vegan, vegetarian or sustainable recipes, please complete this request form: