Lamb, mackerel, lamb heart and lamb liver

Complete and balanced, AAFCO-formulated recipe suitable for healthy adult cats from one year of age onwards.

It contains lamb, mackerel (canned in spring water), lamb heart, lamb kidney, grass-fed lamb dripping and baby spinach leaves, plus the required supplements to produce a balanced diet: 


  • Recipe contains raw and canned ingredients, with the option to cook if preferred
  • No chicken, beef, turkey or pork
  • High protein from lean lamb 
  • Energy-dense with moderate to high fat
  • Over 75% water for urinary tract health
  • Ultra low carbohydrate - only a very small amount from leafy greens
  • Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil
  • Added soluble fibre from chia seeds
  • Concentrated supplements to minimise what's required per batch


This recipe is quick and easy to prepare. Most ingredients are available from large Australian or New Zealand supermarkets. There are different types of lamb offal in this recipe, and it produces a 1-kilogram batch of food. It does not contain intact bone.
Please note that recipe purchases do not include email support, however the recipes are clear, simple and easy to follow.


Not suitable for cats with medical condition/s. Whilst we understand some clients prefer raw meat-based recipes, we routinely recommend cooked recipes in order to minimise the risk of food-borne illness.

Lamb, mackerel, lamb heart and lamb liver

  • Recipe is available as a downloadable pdf file. It is strictly for personal use and not for commercial diet production. All recipes are copyrighted and not to be shared or distributed without permission.