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Quick therapeutic consult

What is a quick therapeutic consult?

The quick therapeutic consult is a more simple and affordable version of our standard therapeutic consult. It includes:

  • One therapeutic recipe ideal for the patient's individual medical needs

  • The referring veterinarian can choose from a range of diagnoses

  • The pet's owner can choose from a limited range of ingredient options 

  • Personalised energy requirement (kcal/day) and ingredient and supplement amounts for each pet

  • No follow-up email or phone support included

  • The brief report includes a short list of key nutritional features, preparation/cooking instructions, shopping list with links to required ingredients and supplements, and comprehensive FAQ on batch-preparing, problem-solving etc. 

Cost: 210.00 AUD (GST and VAT exempt)

Turnaround time: 3 to 7 days

Why have we introduced this new service?

We have introduced this service for two main reasons:

  • To continue to provide Australian and New Zealand pet owners with easy, affordable access to personalised therapeutic nutrition for their pets

  • To reduce the amount of email follow-up we currently perform. Both fortunately and unfortunately, personalised therapeutic nutrition for pets has become increasingly popular, and the more consults we do, the more email follow-up we need to provide.
    This has reached an unsustainable point where we don't have enough time to reply to the huge number of emails we receive. We have introduced this consult in the hope that their will be many pet owners and pets who don't need intensive follow-up email support - and that this will reduce our email load. We hope this will allow us to devote more time to critically ill pets and pets with complex medical needs.

What patients does this suit best?

Our quick therapeutic  consult is best suited to:

  • Pets with a good appetite that aren't too selective/fussy

  • Pets with one or two straightforward medical conditions

  • Pet owners looking for a more affordable alternative to our standard consult

  • Pet owners that don't need a lot of support with basic preparation or cooking

  • Pets that aren't critically ill, extremely underweight, or with multiple complex conditions

It is probably not suited to:

  • Fussy or very selective pets that need completely personalised recipes

  • Pets with a very poor appetite or critically ill pets

  • Pets with a feeding tube in place

  • Pet owners that would benefit from intensive support or owners that lack confidence with basic food preparation 

  • Pets with multiple, complex medical conditions or very rare conditions

How does the quick consult work?

  1. As usual, this consult requires a referral by the pet's regular veterinarian. If you own a pet and you would like to go ahead with a quick therapeutic consult, ask your vet to submit a referral (instructions below).

  2. Unlike our standard consult, there is only one online form to complete and submit. This form requires both vet and owner input, so the vet should complete it in consultation with the pet's owner. Please note there is one form for dogs, and one for cats.
    Most practices choose to charge the owner for the consult at the time the form is submitted.


  3. Once we receive the form, we will confirm everything with the referring vet, then go ahead and formulate the recipe, and email the completed brief report and recipe back to the vet.

  4. The veterinarian can then provide the report and recipe to the owner. Please note, the quick therapeutic consult includes no email or phone follow-up.

  5.  A tax invoice will be sent to the referring veterinarian's practice upon completion of the consultation. Payment can be made by either credit card or bank transfer. We do not invoice the owner directly for the consultation.


Please note that advice regarding nutritional management for specific diseases will not be provided directly to clients. Consults must be initiated by the referring veterinarian, who has the most current knowledge of the patient.
This is because we can't and shouldn't provide medical recommendations directly to an owner we have never met, for a patient we have never seen face-to-face.

What service do I need?

Quick therapeutic consult

One recipe included


Brief report, FAQ, shopping list and prep instructions 

Turnaround: 3-7 days

Cost: $210 AUD 

therapeutic consult

Two recipes included

Fully personalised

Comprehensive report, FAQ, shopping list and prep instructions

Turnaround: 1-3 weeks

Cost: $380 AUD 

Novel protein

One recipe included

Fully personalised

Comprehensive report, FAQ, shopping list and prep instructions

Turnaround: 1-3 weeks

Cost: $225 AUD 

Healthy pet

Healthy pet recipes for adult and growing dogs and cats are available for immediate purchase and download via our online store

Cost: $25-55

How do I refer a patient for a quick  therapeutic consult?

Complete the request form here:




Please note that the request form requires both vet and owner input.

Again, please note that this consult type includes no follow-up by phone or email, and that it will be invoiced to the referring practice, not the owner.

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