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Resources for pet owners

We hope the following resources are helpful; over time we will add more journal papers, commercial diet reviews and recommendations, treat recipes and more.

Links/catalogues for unusual protein (game meat) providers in Australia and New Zealand:













Premium Game, New Zealand:

Premium Game have a range of game meats available for novel protein diet trials, including venison, rabbit, goat, Tahr, Fallow, and Wallaby. They also have relatively affordable frozen goat, venison and hare for pets, which has a low risk of contamination with other proteins.

The Aussie Butcher, in Auckland, NZ:

Range of game meats including ostrich, crocodile, kangaroo and venison.

Alpine Game Meats in Sydney, Australia:

Catalogue with prices here (2020): 

Wide range of game meat including alpaca, goat, venison, rabbit and crocodile. 

Yarra Valley Game Meats:

Catalogue with prices here (2020): 

Often have emu, rabbit, venison, goat, camel and more for sale. 

Deer Looking Back

Interesting things to read:


Conference proceedings from Purina's Companion Animal Nutrition (CAN) Summits - free to download and some very interesting research:

A detailed, evidence-based overview of the role of fatty acids in skin health, from Oregon State University:

WSAVA global nutrition guidelines:

Mostly intended for veterinarians - does include links to their useful body condition scoring tools, and some other tools for owners as well.

Proceedings of the WALTHAM International Nutritional Sciences Symposium (2016); includes free access to published research presented at the conference:

"Petfoodology" - a science-based blog produced by Tuft's veterinary nutrition department:

AAFCO Talks Pet Food - an overview of AAFCO's role, ingredient standards, reading pet food labels and more:

World Resources Institute summary of their paper "Shifting Diets for a Sustainable Food Future" - an interesting, easy to read summary illustrating the impacts of high animal-derived protein intake on the environment. Human-focused but the same concerns apply to high protein pet foods:

Bell Pepper

Coming soon:


Healthy treat recipes for dogs and cats

Commercial diet and treat reviews

Supplement reviews

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